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Web, iOS, Android, Windows, Tablet, Smartphones
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what we do

Bespoke Software Development from Conception to Production

Developing innovative custom software systems and transforming departmental processes to give you the edge over the competetion.

Private Companies

Warehouse inventory system that utilises barcode or RFID technologies.  Smart inventory where data is accessed and updated from IoT, smart devices, destop and web apps.

Government Departments and Ministries

We build bespoke systems and software to power decision making in the public sector.  Automate departmental processes, make decision with insight from data.

Departmental Software

Systems and software to run your department or large organisation? Find the solution with Skynet.  Custom CRM and ERM with live data access.


Software and systems development.

Apps for Android and ios devices

Here at Skynet, we create cross-platform application for Android and iOS smart devices. The app can utilize GPS location, QR code, Bluetooth, Maps, connected services and more.

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Website for your business

We build web site that are static or dynamic. We build your website that allow your customers to buy goods and services and integrate your site with a payment gateway. Essentially an eCommerce website.

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Desktop Application

We build application and windows service for windows PC and Servers


We deliver your dream and accelarate your business to the nth degree.

From concept, design, prototype, testing, publishing, training and ongoing management, you are always in control and we are with you all the way. However complex your needs, we simplify and work hard to make the system easy for your staff and clients.


Windows service is a long running program that runs in the background. Many software are suitable to run as a windows service.